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Creative in Creation

Creative in Creation is an initiative in St. Stephen’s Church that seeks to develop a deeper Christian based understanding of our place within the entire web of life; to strengthen our spirituality as intimately connected to the n a t u r a l world, and participate in God’s work in the natural world. A creation centred spirituality adds the natural world and its evolution to the ancient texts of the Christian tradition as a means of knowledge, a source of revelation and inspiration, and as a teacher to guide us and sustain us. 

All our activites are designed to nurture our faith and inspire our Christian spirituality.


Creative in Creation seeks to:
• Provide both outdoor and indoor events, teaching, resourcing and worship that draw on the natural world as a source of inspiration, worship and spiritual nourishment.
• Emphasize the interconnectedness of all of life, to humanity, nature and God.
• Encourage an asceticism, not so much of the world, but of the modern ideal of an auton- omous, isolated consumer self. This ascetic seeks to live in such a way that takes responsibility for the stewardship and care of our precious planet and all the rich diversity of life that planet earth supports.
• Make spirituality fun, creative and accessible to all.
• Bring Christians of different beliefs and denominations together, united by the planet and its life that we share.

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