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Coronavirus 19th March 08.10

This virus has uncovered for the world something we in the Christian community already know: that we’re all connected on a level that we can only barely comprehend. So, with that in mind, I offer you a few simple ways you can support yourself, your community and the world.

1. Find ways to connect. Social distancing is the most thoughtful response to the challenge before us, but physical isolation doesn’t mean disconnection. Go outside and look at nature, say Psalm 139 out loud, write letters to your friends, phone some, email others, send notes to those you know in specific need.

2. Come back to your own body as a temple of the Holy Spirit. Every time you learn a new fact about this virus, stop, take a deep, calming breath, and notice what is happening in your body. Where are you storing this new information? Breathe deep and release any tension you’re holding. And finally, remember that God’s Spirit expresses its life in our bodies. “If God were to take back his spirit and withdraw his breath, all life would cease, and humanity would turn again to dust.” Job 34.14-15

3. Pray for the world. This is a really difficult time, pray that God’s love will be with people, and feel that love in your own heart and life too.

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