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Thy kingdom Come

Our Daily Bread

In everyday life, draw on opportunities to feel fed – and as you do, really take in these experiences, weaving them into the fabric of your brain and being. For example:

• Receive the warmth and help of other people, which comes in many ways, including compassion, kindness, humour, practical aid, and useful information.

• Get a sense of being supported by the natural world: by the ground you walk on, by sunlight and water, by plants and animals, by the universe itself.

• Notice the accomplishment of goals, particularly little ones like washing a dish, making it to work, or pushing "send" on an email. Register the sense of an aim attained and help yourself feel at least a little rewarded.

• Feel protected, enabled, and delighted by human craft, ranging things like glass, paper, refrigerators, the internet, and painkillers.

• Appreciate how even difficult experiences are bringing good things to you. For example, even though exercise can be uncomfortable, it feeds your muscle fibres, immune system, and heart.

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I like the simplicity of the accomplishments, sometimes things are hard and you can forget to see the things that you have completed. Stopping in full flow to see the natural world is something that helps to realise that you are not alone. I love being with our Lord and these things help, thank you.

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