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Thy kingdom Come

“Coming to our senses”

Move through your senses, take as long as you feel right on each of the five senses. To start with that you appreciate that comes to you from the world of sight, if you have this available. It could be a colour…a shadow…a shape…a movement. Now, shift to a scent you appreciate. What about that glorious or interesting or subtle smell is making you smile? Moving on, tune into any sounds around you. Maybe notice what it feels like to really listen. How many sounds can you notice, and can you feel grateful that you’re able to experience sound, if you are. The world of touch and texture beckons us next. It might be a lead, a per, a fabric, even the sense of the ground beneath you supporting you. And finally taste, are there any flavours still lingering in your mouth; if not, you might like to taste something you really appreciate. Close with gratitude. To awaken to the world through our senses and be grateful for this helps us realize daily and ever more deeply that all we have comes from God.

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Thy Kingdom come

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Thy kingdom Come

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